Wedding Favors – Lip Balms and Hand Salves

lip balm wedding favors

Are we in a lip balm and hand salve bubble?  It seems that every store now carries locally-produced body care products.  However, most don’t harvest their chemical-free beeswax locally like we do.  We get it right from our top bar hives in our apiary.  In any case, we are always trying to find new markets for our products because we believe in their quality.  And one market we stumbled upon is the multi-billion dollar wedding industrial complex.  My brother just got married on July 4th, 2016, but prior to the wedding he asked if we could make hand salves and lip balms as wedding favors for his guests.  What a great idea!

His wedding was pretty laid back and he wanted to add humor to the festivities so we obliged.  Here are some of the quotes we decided to put on the hand salves:

  • Go from ashy to classy
  • A good marriage starts with smooth hands
  • Step up your moisturizer game, son
  • Ashy Larry, is that you?
  • Smooth hands = smooth marriage

Of course we didn’t charge my brother for the wedding favors, but we did get a new customer from his weddding. One of my brother’s friends was getting married three weeks after my brother and wanted to order 250 lip balms as wedding favors for his guests.  We can do the same for you.

Please contact us at for more information.  We can work with you on the design and quotes.

hand-salve-wedding-favors hand salve wedding favors


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