Redesigning Our Top Bar Hives

wild bunch top bar hive customer
One of my first top bar hive customers from Charlottesville, VA (right). I am on the left.

The majority of our top bar hive customers have come locally.  One of the reasons is that many of our customers were beginning beekeepers and they wanted to ask me lots of questions and see the top bar hives in action before they took one home.  However, the biggest reason is that our shipping costs are too high.  We wanted to ship our hives preassembled so that we could ensure quality, but that meant we had shipping prices that approached $90.  In this day and age, customers are used to assembling their own furniture and hardware so our thinking was outdated.

Now we are in the process of redesigning our top bar hives so that we can flat pack everything and do free shipping (full disclosure: free shipping means some of the cost of shipping will be baked into the price).  The cost of the top bar hive should come down as well.  We are considering getting a CNC machine to help cut down on labor costs too like the Shapeoko 3 pictured below.  However, we will still put quality and the beekeeper experience first when it comes to designing our top bar hives.  We want you, the beginning or experienced top bar hive beekeeper, to succeed the very first year so you don’t grow dispirited, give up, and have use your top bar hive turn into an itinerant wasp hive.

We want your bees to survive winter after winter so you don’t have to keep going out and buying new packages or nucs.  We want this so bad that when we launch our new design, we will be giving a 10% discount if you can prove that you have attended a beekeeping course offered by your local beekeeping association.  Stay tuned.  We hope to have our new design available by November 2018.

shapeoko cnc machine

In the meantime, enjoy some of our honey extraction gifs.

extracting honey with top bar hivestraining honey from top bar hive

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