top bar gravity feeder
The bees will drink the sugar syrup down from the holes at the bottom. It's best to feed only when the nectar flow stops in your area (usually late summer-late fall).The bees suck the syrup from the holes at the bottom of the gravity feeder. The laser-cut holes are exactly 1/32" to ensure a leak-proof installationEasily feed your bees by placing the top bar gravity feeder anywhere in between your top bars.The bees stick their proboscis in the tiny holes at the bottom to feed on the sugar syrup.

Top Bar Gravity Feeder


We design and build these exclusive top bar gravity feeders here on our Virginia farm. Our gravity feeder lets you feed your bees conveniently and in style. Place the gravity feeder anywhere between your top bars and the bees will have easy access to sugar syrup. It’s great for when you don’t want to fully open up your hive and potentially expose them to robbing from neighboring hives or inclement weather.


Laser-etched comb patterns on the feeder help the bees maintain a grip on the acrylic surface.  It also looks cool. Accurate laser cut feeder holes on the bottom ensure a leak-free installation.

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Product Description

An expandable rubber plug and laser cut feeder holes at the bottom ensure leak-free feeding. The bees stick their proboscis into the tiny holes at the bottom to get the sugar syrup. The vacuum at the top of the feeder keeps the liquid from dripping out.  Once it is empty, remove the rubber plug, fill it back up with sugar syrup, flip the gravity feeder to its upright position, let some of the liquid drip out until the vacuum is formed, and place back into the hive for continued feeding as needed.

The Wild Bunch Top Bar Gravity Feeder can hold 1.68 liters (1.77 quarts) of sugar syrup. It fits perfectly with the dimensions of our Wild Bunch top bar hives. If you have a different top bar hive, make sure the dimensions will fit with your design.


  • White top bar= 19″ long x 1.5″ wide
  • Wide part of trapezoid = 13.25″
  • Narrow (bottom) part of trapezoid = 6.5″
  • Height = 8.875″
  • Height with plug = 10.125″
  • Width = 1.5″



Additional Information

Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 9 x 1.5 in


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