About Us

Owners: Jimmy & Lenah Nguyen

We built our own house in Bealeton, VA and started Wild Bunch Farm
We built this one bedroom, one bathroom house over garage on our Wild Bunch Farm in Bealeton, VA. It took us one year to design and build. The garage is where all the top bar hives are made.


The Inspiration for Wild Bunch Bees:

We started designing and building our own top bar hives because many beginning beekeepers wanted to try top bar hives, but there wasn’t a reliable, good-quality source for them. Oftentimes, a beekeeper would get a top bar hive from a friend or try to build one, but the hive ended up failing because the design was not good; they didn’t have a good local source for a top bar nuc; or there was no good source of information on top bar beekeeping.

Through years of experimentation and testing, we have come up with a top bar hive that helps ensure your bees will survive and prosper year after year. We only keep top bar hives in our apiary and without using any chemicals ( we don’t even use “organic” acids), we have winter survival rates of 80-90%. One of our big goals is to produce more top bar nucs for beginning top bar beeks because locally-produced nucs are superior in every way to package bees and have 3-4 times higher winter survival rate percentages. We are also committed to providing the best advice and latest stories on top bar beekeeping through our blog and through answering questions via email and farm visits.

We make all of our top bar hives on our farm in Bealeton, VA. We believe our hives and beekeeping accessories will make your top bar beekeeping a very comfortable, rewarding, and successful experience.

Brief Bio:

We both went to school at the College of William & Mary and during this time we discovered the fun of farming. During summer breaks, we would go to work on various small-scale farms across the country from Virginia to Florida to California. After college, we joined the Peace Corps and served in Peru, where we worked on health, nutrition, environmental conservation, and agricultural projects.

Today, after much saving and hard work, we are lucky to have a farm of our own called (you guessed it) Wild Bunch Farm in beautiful Fauquier County, VA. We just finished building our own house and are slowly scaling up our farming business, which includes fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, mushrooms, chickens, and of course, honey bees. Farming is hard work, but it is fun, challenging, and rewarding. It keeps the mind and body sharp, especially when you get a bee sting once in a while.

Why the Name:

When I was growing up, my dad loved watching Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson movies, which included a lot of Westerns. I continue to love watching new and old Westerns and in my top 10 best Westerns list is The Wild Bunch by Sam Peckinpah. It’s a perfect name for a farm – gritty, natural, and adventurous. However, the Wild Bunch is not in my top 5 list of favorite Westerns. That would be:

  1. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  2. Jeremiah Johnson
  3. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid *they were the original Wild Bunch gang*
  4. The Outlaw Josey Wales
  5. Unforgiven, The Proposition, Dances with Wolves (3-way tie)

Best Western book of all time: Lonesome Dove