• lip balms and hand salves as wedding favors

    We can create custom hand salve and lip balm wedding favors for your special day. Send your guests home with smooth lips and hands. Email sales@wildbunchbees.com

  • Top Bar Beekeeping Starter Kit for sale Virginia

    Our beekeeping starter kit has everything you need to become a top bar beekeeper.

  • Top bar hives for sale with windows

    We've added observation windows to all of our top bar hives for easier viewing of the honey bees as they do their thing.

  • You get chemical-free wax with top bar hives and foundationless frames

    Why top bar hives? No foundation means the bees draw out their own pure wax comb.

  • Beekeeping jacket for sale for the top bar beekeeper with our exclusive cowboy logo

    Go sting-free with our beekeeping jackets that have our Wild Bunch Bees cowboy logo.

  • The hinged roof on our top bar hive design conveniently stays up

    All of our top bar hives come with a hinged aluminum composite roof that is easily removable.

  • stylish top bar hive gravity feeder designed by Wild Bunch Bees

    Our WB top bar gravity feeder lets you feed your bees in comfort and style.

  • Top bar hive foundationless chemical-free wax

    We make hand salves & lip balm with the chemical-free wax that our top bar bees produce.

  • Unpainted top bar hive for sale lets you paint the hive your own color

    The Good Top Bar Hive is unpainted so you can choose your own color or leave it natural.

  • White top bar hive for sale is good for solar reflectivity

    The Best Top Bar Hive is painted in premium semi-gloss white. White is good for solar reflectivity, which helps keep the inside of your hive cool during the summer.

  • top bars for sale with side bars for bees

    We sell the only top bar hives with side bars to prevent comb from collapsing and to keep the bees from attaching comb to the sides of the hive.

Our no.1 goal in designing our top bar hives is to make sure your bees survive & prosper winter after winter.


Any seams in our bee hives are sealed with glue, caulk, or rubber weather-stripping to prevent cold drafts, condensation, and pests from entering your hive.

air sealed top bar hives

Screen bottom board

Our hives come with screen bottom board that can be sealed up with a solid bottom board during the colder months.

Screen bottom board on top bar hive

3-1/2 liter feeder

Our hives come with a large interior feeder so that you can feed the bees fast and conveniently.

Large bee feeder with floats

Robber screens

Included with our hive is plenty of 1/8" hardware cloth to make robber screens. This simple accessory prevents neighboring bees from robbing your hive of honey.

robber screens prevent bees from robbing your hive

Aluminum composite roof

The hinged aluminum composite roof stays up when you open it and can be removed without the need for any tools.

Our top bar hives come with a hinged aluminum composite roof to keep your hive protected from the element

Top bars with side supports and waxed comb guides

Say goodbye to crooked comb, collapsed comb, and unwanted comb attachments to the sides of your hive with our exclusive top bars.

Top bars with side supports and wax-dipped lead for straight comb and no comb collapse

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Wedding Favors – Lip Balms and Hand Salves

Wedding Favors – Lip Balms and Hand Salves

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Mid-winter Update – House Building

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Insulating Your Hives

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